A few years ago, I started researching a way to economically display those hunting trophies that weren't quite the quality that I'd want to spend the money on a shoulder mount. This is when I found the "European Mounts" and began doing lots more research into the process. Eventually, I started doing my deer skulls as a hobby. After completing and displaying a few of my mounts, my friends and family started asking me to do their trophies. This is when I decided to convert my hobby into my business.

What I Do

I personally monitor the whole process from beginning to end to ensure the quality and final result. I treat each and every mount as if it were my own and I provide a very fast turn around and pride myself in getting your trophy back into your hands as soon as possible. Please feel free to call if you have any questions @ 856-264-0406


Who I Am

My name is Brian Parks. I was born and raised here in South Jersey and currently live in Erial, NJ. Since I was a young boy I have spent my summers at the jersey beaches and winters hunting in the Jersey pines. I am the proud father of two great kids and when I'm not with them I'm in the outdoors. I am a member of Square Circle Sportmans Club of South Jersey.

My Work

My Work

I found the maceration method to be the best to clean my skulls. This is a process where bacteria is used to clean the skull. My skulls are then degreased and whitened. The skulls are inspected at this point and if they pass they are mounted on a wood plaque of the style of your choice. I pride myself on the fact that I personally monitor the whole process from begining to end to ensure the quality and results.


Current Pricing

All Skull cleaning prices include, skinning, cleaning, degrease, and whitened.

Other plaques and panels available upon request.

All prices subject to change.

Please call 856-264-0406 or email for pricing on anything not listed above.